Gundamn Fan Chat 7 - "Gunpla Winners and Mecha Video Games"

Fans of the Podcast unite and talk about mecha and other topics! In this chat we discuss a topic chosen by our gunpla contest winner, DestinyGundam, about our favorite Loli's. (don't ask) The following second topic is our Top 10 Mecha Video games. There is also some Macross Fanboying and a small battle over Metal Gear Rising.

Download Now!: 228 Minutes, 27 Seconds  (3:48:27) 209.1 MB

 In this Chat
Nathan Britt (NastyNate)
Shabab Alam (Farjad93)
Peter (DestinyGundam)
Torino D (Blackcomet1224)
Jeff Kenda
Edwin Lacen
Robert Hayes (ArbitorGundam)

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