Gundamn Fan Chat 6 - "Star Trek Deep Space 9 Review And 3 Shows That Need A Sequel"

Fans of the Podcast unite and talk about mecha and other topics! In this Fan Chat we are joined by Chris and Neo of Gundamn! We review Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and we also talk about 3 animes that need a sequel and what we want in them. 

- Download Now!: 208 Minutes, 16 Seconds (03:28:16)  190 Mb 

 In this Chat
Nathan Britt (NastyNate)
Neo (hawk of endymion)
Daniel Mason (MechtonGm)
Robert Hayes (ArbitorGundam)
Dillan (Xenosynth) 
Marcelino Sotelo
Peter (DestinyGundam)

Segment Breakdown for this Chat:

01. Discussion: "Star Trek Deep Space 9 Review"
Runtime: 0:02:02 - 01:54:40
02: Gamers Advocate (Podcast)
Runtime: 01:55:01 - 01:55:48

03. Discussion: "3 Shows that need sequels"
Runtime: 01:56:33 - 03:22:43

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Media Featured in this Episode:
Sandstorm Calling by Andy Hunter
Theme from Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Opening Number 2 from Destiny Gundam
Last Impression from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz


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