Gundamn Fan Chat Special 1 - "Gundamn 2012 In Review and 3 "Special" Guest?"

Fans of the Podcast unite and talk about mecha and other topics! In this Fan Chat special we look back at Gundamn in 2012.

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In this Chat
Nathan Britt (NastyNate)
Robert Hayes (ArbitorGundam)
Dillan (Xenosynth)
William (Varnis)
Dollow (Dollow)
Torino D (Blackcomet1224)
Sovereign (MobiousDiablo)
Eric Keith (Crestborne)

Segment Breakdown for this Chat:

01. Discussion: "A Look back at Gundamn in 2012"
Runtime: 0:00:34 - 00:58:37

02. Discussion: "Interview with 3 "Special" Guest?"
Runtime: 00:59:09 - 01:41:33

We are also joined by 3 mysterious special guest.
Anyone can join our conversation and more info can be found at: the MAHQ facebook group or

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