Bonus Gundamn Fan Chat 1 "Sword Art Online Review"

Fans of the Podcast Unite! This is a bonus chat about a non mecha related subject. We review the recent show Sword Art Online.

Download Now: 2 hours, 46 min., 26 sec. (2:46:26) - 152.4 Mb

In this Chat
Nathan Britt (NastyNate)
Robert Hayes (ArbitorGundam)
Shabob Alam (farjad93)
William Trengove (Varnis)
Anton Carino (Daigundam Lagaan)
Peter (DestinyGundam)

 Segment Breakdown for this Chat:

01. Discussion: "Sword Art Online Season 1"
Runtime: 0:01:04 - 01:16:16

02. Discussion: "Sword Art Online Season 2 and closing thoughts"
Runtime: 01:17:12 - 02:44:56

Anyone can join our conversation and more info can be found at: the MAHQ
facebook group or

Music Featured in this Chat
Sword Art Online Preview from [Ep. 1 FANDUB]
 Sword Art Online- _Innocence_ English from Cristina Vee
"Ending 2" from Sword art Online Season 2
"Everyday Life" from Sword Art Online OST 
"Survive The Swordland" from Sword Art Online OST 
"Swordland" from Sword Art Online OST

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