Special 015 Picture Caption Contest!!!

Announced way back when and many episodes ago, the giveaway for the "EX Model Mobile Ship Argama" (provided by long-time Gundamnation member, The Hod) is here!

Dollow Rlance is working hard on Special 015, which will be yet another epic compilation of our best moments from year four of Gundamn! @ MAHQ. When the episode debuts in January, the post at Gundamn.net will feature a picture - but we need the help of our listeners for something clever to add to it. Here are the pictures in question, along with dialogue added to the picture by Dollow as an example:

Here are the same pictures, minus any dialogue. Write something clever and amusing in the field that relates to Gundamn! and/or anything we talked about in 2011!

All entries are due on JANUARY 1ST, 2011. Send any entries to GundamnMAHQ@gmail.com and make sure that:
- The subject of your entry is "SPECIAL 015 PICTURE CAPTION CONTEST".
- Provide your NAME (and Mechatalk.net handle if applicable) & MAILING ADDRESS in the message.

The winner of the contest will be announced in Episode 093 of Gundamn! @ MAHQ! Many thanks to Dollow Rlance & The Hod for their participation in this contest and best of luck, everyone!

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