Gundamnation Spotlight! - Tribute & Spoof Videos by Seraphic & Eggman!

Eggman (A.K.A - Crestborne at the forums) - host of the 12-Volt Revolt Podcast & friend of Gundamn! - has created an video expose on the legendary* Gundam character, Saji Crossroad. Check out this introspective of "King Arthur" himself below! (NSFW & BTW, Beware of Gundam 00 Movie spoilers!)

12-Volt Editorial "Saji, the Untold Story

Eggman has replied to our episodes in video format before, as in "Video Response to "Ep. 064 - Straight, No Chaser" Gundamn!" a few months ago. It's an honor to know him and everyone should scope all that Eggman is up to by -

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Also, Seraphic has done it again! Not only is he an awesome artist (illustrating this awesome picture for Gundamn!'s 2nd Anniversary) but he is also a talented video editor! Behold his "Gundamn! Tribute Spoof" that he posted recently on his Youtube Channel, marrying clips from various series and audio clips from Gundamn! resulting in a whirlwind of comedy:

Gundamn! Tribute Spoof

To keep up with the talented Seraphic -

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Show these guys some props and love and we look forward to more creative projects about Gundamn! @ MAHQ from our incredible listeners!

Soul Bro Ryu

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