Listener Participation for Ep. 066!

Next Episode, Chiaki from Anime Addicts Anonymous will be a guest panelist on the show, discussing with us her experience living in Japan! She will also be taking questions about here time there and we'll be picking the best ones to ask her! Please reply to this post with your questions and hopefully we'll pick yours when we record Ep. 066!

Can't think of a question now? Don't worry, there are other venues where you can submit questions:
- (Make sure to use the "#AskGundamn" hashtag in your tweet or expect it to be ignored)
- Gundamn! @ Facebook
- Thread
- Email: (Make sure to use the subject "Listener Participation Ep. 065" or it might be overlooked)

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, November 7th, 2010 @ 12pm (Noon), when the thread will be locked. After participating, make sure you check out Chiaki & the Anime Addicts Anonymous gang @!

EDIT: Many thanks to everyone who participated. We received many excellent questions and they helped make this one of our best episodes ever. Chiaki was very pleased with the responses here, on Facebook & on Twitter as well, not to mentioned honored that so many contributed. Apologies in advance for any questions that we didn't have time to ask, but again, thanks to all that submitted. ^_^

Thank You For Playing!
Soul Bro Ryu
Twitter: @SoulBroRyu

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