Gundamn! @ MAHQ Ep. 065 - "Chef Bandai's Troll Nightmares!"

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Special Guest Host: Andres Cerrato (Segment 1)

Segment Breakdown for this Episode:

01. PETCO (Commercial)
Runtime: 0:00:00 - 0:00:43

02. Intro: "Neo's News & the Gundamn Mailbag!"
Runtime: 0:00:43 - 0:34:43

03. Anime Addicts Anonymous (Podcast)
Runtime: 0:34:43 - 0:36:13

04. SSAA Podcast: The Ass-Backwards Anime Podcast (Podcast)
Runtime: 0:36:13 - 0:37:03

05. 1st Segment: Straight Talk Express Bonus Round!: "The State of the Gundamnation & the Last Days of the Ngee Khiong Blog - Merchandising"
Runtime: 0:37:03 - 1:11:19

06. GoDaddy (Commercial)
Runtime: 1:11:19 - 1:12:13

07. Pretentious Internet Theatre (Podcast)
Runtime: 1:12:13 - 1:12:40

08. 2nd Segment: "Overused Cliches in Science Fiction Films & Television"
Runtime: 1:12:40 - 2:02:12

09. Animēshon Podcast (Podcast)
Runtime: 2:02:12 - 2:03:21

10. Jabman: Defender of Destiny!!! (Commercial?)
Runtime: 2:03:21 - 2:04:33

11. Outro: "Closing/Peep the Websites!"
Runtime: 2:04:33 - 2:12:04

Arriving fashionably late, our resident Gunpla expert, Andres Cerrato takes the wheel of the Straight Talk Express, reigniting the discussion on merchandising aspect to controversial closing of the Ngee Khiong blog. Then we change topics, waxing about repeating tropes & cliches that constantly appear in Sci-Fi Movies & TV!

Also, Chris recently appeared on one of our favorite podcasts, Decoration Disorder Disconnection! He joined Flags & regulars - The Suspicious Red Lamp & Bakuhasu - in a discussion of Anime, Gundamn, and other fun topics!

Props-o-plenty go out to the DDD Crew for inviting Chris to ride shotgun in this episode! After listening to this episode of Gundamn!, peep their website, download this episode & subscribe to them on iTunes and Zune! Don't forget to let them know that Gundamn! @ MAHQ sent you!

Enjoy & thanks for listening!
Soul Bro Ryu

Music & Drops Featured in this Episode

- Cold Open Drop
* "The Rent Is Too Damn High Party's Jimmy McMillan at the NY Governor Debate" by TheDailyBeastVideo (YouTube Channel)

- Intro Segment, Opening Song
"Flying in the Sky" by Ushima Yoshifumi
* OP from "Mobile Fighter God Gundam", Season One

- Intro Segment, Closing BGM
"Resolution" by ROMANTIC MODE
* OP from "After War Gundam X", Season Two

- 1st Segment, Opening BGM
"Gallant Char" by Takeo Watanabe & Yuji Matsuyama
* from "Mobile Suit Gundam" OST

- 1st Segment, Closing BGM
"Char Ga Kuru (Here Comes Char)" performed by Hori Kouichiro
* from "Mobile Suit Gundam" OST

- GoDaddy Commercial BGM
"Anything To Say You're Mine" performed by Etta James
* from the compilation album, "The Chess Box"

- 2nd Segment, Opening BGM
"Yakitori" by Yoko Kanno
* from "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" OST

- 2nd Segment, Closing BGM
"Rush" by Yoko Kanno & the Seatbelts
* from "Cowboy Bebop" OST

- "Jabman: Defender of Destiny!!!" Commercial BGM
"Take Off - Daisanshou - Ooi Naru Yuushi no Kodou" by Toshihiko Sahashi
* from the album "Symphony Seed: Gundam Seed"

- Outro BGM
* "The Price is Right Theme Guitar" (Cover) by Hill Valley Preservation Society

- Outro Drop
* from "Turn 13: 'Assassin from the Past'" of Code Geass R2 (English Dub) (Anime Series)

- Shinjuku Station & MAHQ Signoff
"Fool That I Am" performed by Etta James
* from the compilation album, "The Chess Box"

- Stinger Drop
* from "Chapter 7" of Eastbound & Down (Television Series)

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