Peep these Podcasts - Solar Radio Wave, DDD, Animeshon & Tomocast!

Don't miss the latest episode of Solar Radio Wave, where Gundamn's own Neo Loronoke is in the guest host's chair, giving his review of Samurai 7 in "Sol 8 - Neo Samurai 7" (right-click & save)! Much thanks to Dollow Rlance for inviting Neo on the show!

Peep the website: http://solarradiowavepodcast.blogspot.c ... rai-7.html

A new podcast has started from the minds of "Row Row Fight Da Powah"! Check out Flags (from, The Suspicious Red Lamp (a regular), Grim Reaper Hei & Bakuhasu from RRFDP in the "Decoration Disorder Disconnection Podcast". TSRL & Bakuhasu host their latest episode, "Ep. 3 - Gundamn it, Where Are You?!" (right-click & save) not only delves into their own love for mecha series but also turns into a love-letter to one of their favorite podcasts, "Gundamn! @ MAHQ"! This is truly flattering and we can't thank you guys enough for all the praise and mentions you give us this episode. These guys truly enjoy the genre of mecha and give their shows a thorough listening when you get the chance!

Check them out @:

Another great show out there is the Animēshon Podcast! It drops on the weekly and is hosted by the witty and highly entertaining Josh Dunham (Twitter: @Josh_Dunham). He recently attended Anime Expo so expect some interesting stories and coverage from the convention on upcoming episodes of his podcast! Scope his show out @ and tell him Gundamn sent you!

Last but not least, our friend and guest host on our latest episode, Pedro Cortes of, is also a part of the official podcast of that website, Tomocast! Hear more of his hot blooded-ness & moe-stylings along with Colette and the rest of the Tomocast crew @

Thanks for reading and enjoy these great shows!
Soul Bro Ryu

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