Gundamn! @ MAHQ Special 008 - "Mobile Podcast Gundamn! - The Two Year War!"

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Much props go out to our friend Dollow Rlance (A.K.A's "Amuro Ray of V") the host of the Solar Radio Wave podcast. In celebration of our 2 year anniversary, he edited a massive compilation of some of our best moments during that time, calling it "Mobile Podcast Gundamn!: The Two Year War". It turned out great, and for those who'd like to check it out right click and save the link below:

Special 008: "Mobile Podcast Gundamn! - The Two Year War!"
64 kbps - 267 min., 52 sec. (4:27:52) - 123 MB

Enjoy & thanks for listening!
Soul Bro Ryu
XBox Live: "Soul Bro Ryu"

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