Ready Your iPods! - Special Podcast Appearances by Chris & Neo!

Gundamn! is coming at you from all sides! Both hosts Chris Guanche & Paul Duprey ("Neo") recently made appearances on these podcasts below!

Paul Duprey ("Neo Lorrnoke"):
Podcast: Anime Addicts Anonymous
Episode: Ep. 13 - The Gundamn! @ MAHQ Episode!
Date: 10/8/09
iTunes: ... =324698394

Chris Guanche
Podcast: Solar Radio Wave
Episode: Solar Five - Troll Wars
Date: 09/28/09
iTunes: itpc://

Much thanks and appreciation go to Dollow Rlance of Solar Radio Wave & Mitsugi and the gang from Anime Addicts Anonymous for having us on. Make sure to check out their other episodes of their podcasts, and let them know that "Gundamn! @ MAHQ" sent you!

P.S.: For a complete record of our past and upcoming appearances on other shows, visit this thread @

Thanks, and be on the lookout for Ep. 40, this weekend!
Soul Bro Ryu

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