Yasumicon 2009 Extra!: The Hater's Vs. Panel!

- Uncut/Explicit Version: 64 kbps - 1:04:15 (94:15) - 43.1 MB

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Panel Hosts: Austin Blake, Chris Guanche, Juan Mendez & Soul Bro Ryu

The long-awaited "Hater's Vs. Panel" that we recorded at Yasumicon 2009 has arrived. Our front-runner and 5-Star General of the Hatergon, Austin guides the audience through a whirlwind of things he despises. This panel was a riot to record and it was a packed house and many props to the audience for participating, Juan for making the Powerpoint Presentation that accompanied the panel, and Austin & Chris for making it entertaining!

For those that would like to view the powerpoint presentation (complete with videos, music and pictures), right click and save the link below!:
Haters Vs. Panel Powerpoint Presentation
(Size: 95.8 MB)

Thanks to all who attended and to all the listeners who support us!
Soul Bro Ryu

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