Listener Participation: The Return of Bill Whipton!

Hey everybody, Neo here!

Just got off the phone with Bill Whipton not too long ago. (If you remember, he was the host of Gundamn's 1st Anniversary Special episode a few months ago.) Mr. Whipton was in Europe for six months, doing what Bill Whipton does. During our conversation though, Mr. Whipton expressed his desire to return to the Gundamn studio, so we came up with an idea. Since our last call-in show was such a great success, we've decided to change it a little bit and include Mr. Whipton. So this is what we're gonna do, instead of having a normal call-in show, we're going Mr. Whipton field questions from you, the listener, to ask us at Gundamn.

Here are the rules that Mr. Whipton asked me to relay:

1. Send all questions to
2. No more than two questions per email.
3. No obvious questions please, ex. What's your favorite Gundam?
4. There is a time period to submit questions, now till Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 11:59pm EST. After the deadline no questions will be accepted.

So let them fly, Mr. Whipton is waiting.

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