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Code Geass R2 - The Third Act

For those who aren't caught up, I can only implore you to not read further. The blog entails details all the way up the the recent most episode of "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2", Episode 18. You'll have to highlight the text below to read on anyway, and if you're not this far (especially those that are watching it on Adult Swim) you really don't want to keep reading.

Don't say I didn't warn you ^_^

Jesus Christ. After watching this episode, it looks like all bets are off. Even though we takled about the possibility of this happening on the live calls segment of "Gundamn! @ MAHQ Ep. 17" (around 95:00 min mark), I didn't think it would happen so soon, nor did I want it to happen.

Talk about reaping what you've sewn, Lelouch. Unlike a lot of the episodes that preceded this one, this ending to Ep. 18 wasn't a twist for me. Ever since the Lancelot was sent out there with the Ultima/Shun-Goku-Satsu-equivalent weapon, "FREYA"- er, um, "FLEYA" (as the latest episode conveys it) in tow, I knew there would be a time where Suzaku would be hard pressed to use it:

Scenario One: Prompted to fire it due to saving someone he cared about, including Lelouch.

Scenario Two: His Geass programming would force him to blow up the spot in order to save his own life.

S2 makes a lot more sense, since irony plays a huge role in Geass to begin with, and sure enough that's what happened. If this wasn't obvious way back when Lloyd & "Table-chan" pimped Suzu's ride with Fleia a few eps ago, it definitely was when Kallen was finally released into the wild with her new mech of dopeness, the "Gurren-
Seiten". Hilarious that it actually sounds like "Satan" when you say it, which is probably the pun the writers were aiming for from jump. When she punked the sadistic "Straight Couga"- oops, the "Vampire" and and his harem, I knew the Lancelot was going to be hard pressed to win against it. The equasion for disaster continues on as follows:

Suzaku - (Suicidal + Geass Programming to Survive) + Nina + (Obsession + Disdain to Elevens) - Euphie + (Killed by Lelouch after accidental Geass-ing) = Retribution + Unholy Uber Weapon + Compromised Pilot (Suzaku Again) + Ememy Ace + New Suit + Pushed into a Corner + Geass Activation (at the absolutely wrong time & place) + Unintended Target - Sayoko - Miss "Ol' Bitch" Romeyer - Nunnally =
Absolute Bedlam!

Practically the remainder of this series is no holds barred. Lelouch has finally reached breaking point, and what he does next will probably be epic. He has lost the last pure remaining element of his humanity, and with Shirley gone and yondere C.C. replaced by "moe" C.C., Lelouch has next to nothing left when it comes to moral & spiritual support. With the death of Nunnally, the man now nothing much else left to lose or gain.

There's Kallen of course, but since she's pitted against Jino in the next ep, there's the chance that he might lose her too, leaving him to spiral further downward in the hellhole that he himself helped to create.

Is it all Lelouch's fault? Not at all. By the time this season reaches it's climax, I'm sure all that are accountable will have justice bestowed upon them. With that said, Lelouch has committed quite a few grievous acts himself and might just stand in the court of karma as well before series end. I don't dislike the man in the slightest however, as what he's done up to this point has been for the noble reason for creating a better world for his sister.

Who I remind you is no longer with us. Enter the Wild Card. What will happen next? Will Lulu kill Rolo, not only for the murder of Shirley, but for coming back empty handed. The death of Nunnally might just catapult Zero from anti-hero territory to straight up villain status, brought to these lengths by compound tragedy like someone from Batman's Rogues Gallery. If so, that would be no end of awesome, but it's also bitter sweet since he'll be crossing over into a character with no redeemable qualities left.

I hope that somehow this show ends up with a brighter ending than the obvious tragic one that we're fast tracking towards. That would be a real twist most of us are not expecting. Of course, I would want Taniguchi and Co. to bull$h!t whatever track they've already laid by pulling some Evangelion-nonsense at the end or hitting us with a "Newhart/St. Elsewhere" resolution, claiming that it was all a dream or it's all in Lelouch's mind. That would upset me to no end, and I'm sure I wouldn't be alone.

I've got a million conspiracy theories as to how the show will end, but I'm certain I'll be made a fool of for my assumptions. Somehow I have it in my twisted mind that Lelouch will end up absolutely alone, immortal, and roam the earth like the wandering Jew. He'd loathe himself and would be seeking the right person to put him out of his misery like C.C. had, passing the curse of "Geass Avatar" on another fated and ambitious individual. Probably a female lead who is destined to repeat the cycle of violence, destruction, and sweeping change to the state of the world. Set many years and generations ahead in the future, there would be major differences in the way this new story is told, but some of the overall themes would stay the same. Color me delusional, but it would be interesting if Lelouch was the transitioning cast member and how he'd react to a new ensemble.

Code Geass has been breakthrough since it's meager beginning in 2006, and there little doubt in my mind that it will end badly and without leaving it's fan base in shock in awe, much like it did with it's conclusion of season one (or "R1" as it's retroactively called). Some say that the show will end with this season, but I'm starting to get the sneaky suspicion that it might have an extension for an "R3", depending on how "R2" concludes and what the "big reveal" at the end of the season is. With so many loose ends in this series and the ambiguous nature of it's storyline, there's a lot that hasn't been revealed yet, and in truth, those ends may not matter. But I hope they do, and my greatest hope that these two series are just the tip of the iceberg.

With any luck, "Code Geass" will become a franchise and we'll continue to be blessed with continuances in this universe whether they are direct continuations or alternate stories. After as many innovative and entertaining episodes and twists that the creative forces have given us so far in this show, I definitely wouldn't blame them if they took a long vacation from Geass for a while and work on other projects. New series, which in themselves, could bode to surpass even this show.

As for the here and now, I await the end of this series with baited breath (upcoming season of 00, non-withstanding), and can't wait for the catatonic state I'll be left in once the dust clears after the finale.

These fanboy ravings come fresh from the Desk of Your Neighborhood Newtype,
Soul Bro Ryu

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