Interviews: Code Geass English Dub Cast!

I know those dub haters out there are less than thrilled to see this. However, those that have been enjoying the Dubbed version of "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" as it currently airs on Adult Swim, you might be interested in the following:

Source: Nebs Blog

"Bandai Entertainment has put video interviews up of quite a few dub voice actors for Code Geass. They're quite extensive & informative too, with most of the interviews lasting more than 5 minutes (point the odd character out below & you'll know which one falls short of this mark). Chief among them is Johnny Yong Bosch the voice of Lelouch & his strategical genius alter-ego Zero. But besides the lead character/actor, there are also interviews with Kate Higgens (CC), Karen Strassman (Kallen), Brian Beacock (Rivalz), & Yuri Lowenthal (Suzaku)."

Article Link:

For the each of the vids by themselves, click on any of the links below:
- Johnny Yong Bosch on "Lelouch Lamperouge/'Zero'"
- Kate Higgins on "C.C."
- Karen Strassman on "Kallen Stadtfeld"
- Brian Beacock on "Rivalz Cardemonde"
- Yuri Lowenthal on "Suzaku Kururugi"

I'm not sure what part of the series each member of the cast had reached at the time of these recording but it seems that they're still getting a feel for their respective characters. From watching the recent-most episode, the premier cast has really fallen into the groove of the roles they're playing. By the time they reach R2, portraying the Geass gang might be like putting on a second skin for them.

Hope that there's extras like this on future Geass DVDs, with not only the English VA's, but the original Seiyuu and production staff as well. I'm a sucker for omake like this.

Soul Bro Ryu

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