A Great Value

Hey everyone, Neo here.

Just want to tell everyone about something that should be in every Mecha fan's DVD collection. I received a few weeks ago the Code Geass Volume 1 boxset and boy is this a great value. Not only is Code Geass a great show, but BanDai outdid themselves with this boxset. The Code Geass Collector's Boxset not only contains the first volumes of the show(episodes 1-9), you recieve Volume 1 of the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Manga, two CDs Sound Episode Volume 1 and O.S.T. Volume 1, a Clamp character sketch booklet and Collector's Booklets 1,2,&3(which have a ton of interesting trivia about the world of Code Geass).But all that stuff isn't even the best part, it's all at really affordable price. I purchased mine online for $45, but I was at a few stores the other day and saw it priced at $54. So pick yours up now and enjoy. Can't wait for Volume 2.

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