Comic-Con - Day Four in Pictures!!!

Sorry this took so long to post but here are a bunch of pics we we able to take that final day at San Diego Comic-Con 2008. We attended several panels as well as grabbed more shots at our favorite booths. Lots of shots of new collectibles too! Thanks to Neo & my brother, Dr. Encyclopedia Black (who is featured in some of them) who took the lion's share of the pictures over the time there, but I happened to snag a few with my weak-ass camera phone (which will be of noticeable lower quality).

Check em'!

- Panel - Smallville
- Panel - CMX Manga Showcase
- Show Floor - Capcom
- Show Floor - Funimation
- Show Floor - Konami
- Show Floor - Viz (Greg Oden of the Blazers)
- Show Floor - Collectibles
- Show Floor - Misc. Shots!
- San Diego & Convention Center
- Cosplay! (New Pics!)

Episode 14 is almost in the can and at the close of it, we'll get into some of the events of the final day and post all of the segments we recorded. Also Ep. 18 will follow shortly after that, with our live show at Yasumicon 2008! We had a good time there recording in front of a live audience, and I'd like to thanks all those that came out to see us. Also I'd like to thank those who were checking us out when we we're over in San Diego as well as the folks we met and the new listeners we gained during our trips to Comic Con & Yasumicon. Mad props go to the Yasumicon staff for having us there too and we hope to do it again this time next year.

Peace for now, and thanks for listening,
Soul Bro Ryu

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