News: Another (Bootleg) Gundam 00 Season Two Trailer!!!

Courtesy of, comes word of yet another trailer for the second season of "Mobile Suit Gundam 00":

"The latest Gundam 00 trailer to date, show at Gundam Expo. Real badss, a battle damaged Exia in cloth! homage to Crossbone Gundam? Would definitely want to a clear picture of it, better yet a gunpla model of this battle-damaged Exia."


He continues with a play-by-play as to what happens, but just in case you'd like to see if for yourself before it's ripped off by the powers that be. Although it's filmed by camera as opposed to higher quality footage, there not much trouble in actually watching the video. Scope the link below!

YouTube Links:
Mirror 001 -
Mirror 002 -

Only a month and a half left!

Soul Bro Ryu

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