Comic-Con - Manga Translation Panel & Marc Simmons!!!

Here's some more pics for you cats, and this time it's of a Manga Translation panel we recorded earlier today! On the panel (from left to right) were:

William Flanigan - Video Girl Ai, Claymore
Jonathan Tarbox - Raijin Comics
Mari Morimoto - DBZ and Various other Shonen Jump series
Jason Thompson - Editor, Viz Publishing
Stephen Paul - Beck, Mangascreener
Mark Simmons - Various Gundam Series Script Consultant
Julie Davis - Editor, Viz Publishing

Plus, we were able to pick the brain of the Gundam Guru himself, Mark Simmons for a few minutes. Meeting him and his wife (fellow panelist, Julie) was an absolute treat and we look forward of interviewing him again in the future on "Gundamn! @ MAHQ".

Peace, and look for more later!
Soul Bro Ryu

Panel: Manga - Lost in Translation & Interview w/ Mark Simmons

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