Comic-Con - Day Two in Review!

Literally the calm before the storm that is Saturday, we took it easy today and just went around the con taking in the sights (with cameras, of course). For the boys back home, not only are there massive collection of new shots from the show floor, but the "Cosplay" section got a much needed shot in that arm with decent addition of Cosplayers for your eyes to feast upon.

- Show Floor - Viz Booth
- Show Floor - Collectibles
- Show Floor - Misc Shots!
- San Diego & Convention Center
- Cosplay!

A lot of the cats we took pics of were absolutely cool people and I hope to run into them again before the weekend is over. BTW, Try the find the one of Neo with a "special yellow friend". I lost my $&!@ when I saw that shot later on. There were soem fish that got away, but don't worry, the Saturday of a convention is like church on Sunday. Everyone will be wearing their cosplay best, and we just might break our necks trying to "catch 'em" all. ^_^

You'll find some duplicates and if so, don't worry, when we have more time, or when we return home, the episode 14 post will have revised links for all these shots where the doubles & blurry shots are removed.

For more on our day listen to our mini-podcast:
Gundamn! @ MAHQ: Comic-Con Day Two in Review!

In the meantime, dig in and leave comments if you have time. Tomorrow is going to be bedlam.

Can't wait!
Soul Bro Ryu

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