Comic-Con - Day Three in Review!

You should have seen it. As if to set the pace for the entire day, the line for the Heroes panel must have been a mile long. Not only did it snake through the courtyard, but it also wrapped around the convention center.

That's right. The convention center.

Despite very little being covered when it comes to news, we had the most to say about today's overall experience, as we met up with one of our friends and favorite listeners, "Advent_Sugar", today as well. She introduced to web-comic artist, Luke McKay, illustrator of "Rooster Teeth, which is featured at He was absolutely cool people to hang with and for those at Comic-Con, check the Red Vs. Blue booth there and tell them we sent you. If not, scope out the website when you have time.

Also, I went to Namco-Bandai's booth today to ask them what's happening with "Mobile Ops: The One Year War" on the X-Box 360. The inside scoop I heard in return wasn't pretty. I digress and will let you listen to the podcast to hear more on what I found out.

Comic Con - Day Three in Review!

Snagged a few more pics of floor attractions & Cosplayers as well:
- Show Floor - Lucasfilm
- Show Floor - Collectibles
- Show Floor - Misc Shot
- San Diego & Convention Center
- Cosplay!

With tomorrow being the wrap-up day, we're going to try really heard to make it into something, and hopefully we can bring you more content for episode 14. It's not that we don't have plenty already, but a little more wouldn't hurt. ^_^

This will teach me to go to Comic-Con without a press pass.

Ganbatte, gang!
Soul Bro Ryu

PS - I apologize if anyone if having difficulty with viewing the slide-show at times and I'm working on a better way to present the pics so that they always show.

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