Gundamn! @ MAHQ - Episode 010 - The Battle Royale!

Original Premier Date: Wed; Mar. 12, 2008 Thread

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You know what's hilarious?

When your sick for two days, then stay up all-night to edit your podcast, realize you're going to get next to no sleep before you have to go to work the next day. Then when you get to work, you find out that you were approved for vacation on your weekend and that your actually at your job ready to work during your break. And I actually called in sick both days when I didn't have to.

You have no idea how sweet that ride home from the job was.

Why did I come here again? Oh, yeah! The next episode of "Gundamn! @ MAHQ" is finally here! The long awaited episode where we discuss the "Super Robot Wars: Original Generation" series, lock, stock and barrel with MAHQ Staff Writer & regular, "Destiny_Gundam", is now on deck for your listening pleasure!

In addition, we "Jump the Gundam" and compare and contrast the our favorite mecha franchise with two other mega-properties of science fiction, Star Trek & Star Wars! As always, Ep. 10 comes to you in "Mixed" & "Straight-up, No Chaser" varieties.

Topics Featured in this Episode:
- Anime & Game Spotlight - "Super Robot Wars: Original Generation": with guest-host Peter Laliberte ("Destiny_Gundam"), the gang delves into the original universe of Banpresto's hits series! (Extended Segment)
- The Battle Royale!: How will the franchise of "Mobile Suit Gundam" fare when sized against uber science fiction series, "Star Wars" & "Star Trek". (Extended Segment)

Although there's only two segments this time, they are both extended, making this one of our longest episodes. Due to the length and wanting to get it out to everyone, there's no frills this time, but don't fret. The live episode is coming up next! BTW, when we recorded this, the live session was still in the future, and despite being over, I left mention of it in the episode. Serves me right for not getting it done sooner. Expect the duration between Ep. 10 and 11 to be a lot shorter than the lapse of time between Ep. 9 & 10. Especially since the live session is over and I can finally relax. (*Phew*)

Man, did I need this vacation. Enjoy!

Ganbatte, gang!

Soul Bro Ryu

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