Gundamn! @ MAHQ - Episode 004 - Makin’ Waves & Gundam in Gaming

Wake your daughter up! Episode 004 has finally sortied!
Topics covered in this episode were:
- Makin' Waves! - The Greatest Women in Gundam (Extended Segment)
- Welcome to the Adventure! - Gundam in Video Gaming, Vol. 001

Original Premier Date: Tues; Nov. 20, 2007 Thread
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Production Note: I apologize in advance about some of the slight skips in Chris's dialog. I realized what the problem was after receiving the audio track and it shouldn't happen next time we record. -_-
Feel free to post comments, constructive criticisms, and replies to whatever was discussed in this episode.

We plan to revisit many topics discussed on this program, and input on previous discussions may make it on the show when topics rebound, or in related topics in future episodes!

Supplemental Links:
- Video of Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Warfield (YouTube)

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